MAY 16-17, 2016


Ipek Türeli

Ipek Türeli is Assistant Professor of Architecture at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Prior to joining McGill in 2012, she held an Andrew Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship at Brown University’s Department of History of Art and Architecture, and an Aga Khan Postdoctoral Fellowship at M.I.T.’s Department of Architecture. She holds a professional degree in Architecture from the Architectural Association in London, and a Ph.D. in Architecture from UC Berkeley. She is the co-editor of Orienting Istanbul (2010); and guest editor for the International Journal of Islamic Architecture’s special issue on “Streets of Protest” (2013). She works on urban visual culture with a focus on Istanbul, and more recently on social engagement in the profession, from the longer history of humanitarian architecture, such as that of religious missionaries, to more recent efforts by contemporary designers to contribute to social movements. Her work on missionary schools in the Eastern Mediterranean is supported by SSHRC, FQRSC, and CFI. She is the Coordinator of the Research Group on Democracy, Space, and Technology of the Yan P. Lin Centre.

Tassos Anastassiadis

Tassos Anastassiadis is Assistant Professor of History and Phrixos Papachristidis Chair in Modern Greek and Greek-Canadian studies at McGill University. He is agrégé d’histoire and holds a PhD in History from Sciences-Po in Paris. Prior to joining McGill University, he taught at the EHESS, the EPHE and Sciences-Po in Paris and was a membre scientifique (postdoctoral fellow) of the French School in Archaeology, Classical and Modern Greek Studies in Athens. He has co-edited two volumes (here and here) on inter-religious relations in the Eastern Mediterranean at the Age of Empires and Nationalism and another one (here) on state formation and transitions to Modernity. His work on transcultural educational actors and the emergence of a transnational educational field in the region is supported by the FQRSC and the French School at Athens. He is member of the Research group on Transitions and Global Modernities of the Yan P. Lin Center.